Camphor Laurel Tree

Toxic Weed Tree

This is a declared weed tree in Northern NSW and a significant environment problem. If you have this tree ūüĆ≥ our qualified Arborist are skilled qualified and experienced in safely removing and or ¬†poisoning them. These trees are a significant toxic environmental problem for flora and fauna.

Camphors release strong chemicals into the soil known as Allelopathic Compounds  that retard the growth of our precious native flora. By removing or poisoning them you are doing our proud Aussie flora and fauna a favour.

Family name: Lauraceae.

Botanical Name: Cinnamomum camphora.

Common name: Camphor Laurel Tree, Camphor Tree.

Country of origin: China, Japan.

Generalised Climate / Weather Patterns: Cold, warm, temperate and subtropical. Full sun open to protected position, tolerates frost and drought.

Soil preference/s: Most soil types, clay to sandy loam, moist well-drained moderately fertile.

Habit or Form: Broad domed.

Height and Width in Cultivation: 20 – 30m x 15m.

Photo of Camphor Laurel leaves and fruit.

More action needed to address camphor's noxious threat ‚Äď Echonetdaily