What is an Arborist ?


A person trained in the cultivation, care and maintenance of amenity trees (Draper & Richards 2009). A trade qualified Arborist has undertaken an apprenticeship and formal training within the Australian qualifications Framework (AQF) to become a fully qualified tradesperson. Our fully qualified and experienced Arborists can provide you with safe, accurate and expert advice for all of your tree needs.


What is a Tree lopper ?


A tree lopper is an unqualified tree worker, this is akin to letting an unqualified Builder build you a house. Trees are highly complex long lived organisms requiring vast formal knowledge and experience to work with safely and effectively. Tree Loppers do not have these qualifications and often provide unqualified and wrong advice creating trees that are more hazardous.

Tree loppers will often use climbing spikes on their feet to prune trees, this often leads to disease and decay in your valued trees